Rae Di Bella

Rae Ann Greer - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 100

208-819-1436Send Email

Shawna McMichael

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Rebecca Stone

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 106

509-863-4968Send Email


Jennifer (Jen) Barlo - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 109
509-368-4291Send Email

Envoy Beauty

Sarah Gulliksen - Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair Stylist

Karri Clute

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Debbie McCulley Designs

Debbie McCulley - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, Art Gallery

Studio 300/301

509-999-3583Send Email

Terri Bise

Nail Artist, Manicure, Pedicure

Hair by Sarah Rathmanner

Sarah Rathmanner - Hair Stylist

Studio 400

Profile 509-385-2781Send Email

Jessica Plunkett

Esthetician, Permanent Makeup

Rejuvenation Skin Care and Spa

Martha Lopez - Master Esthetician,

Permanent Makeup

Studio 406

509-263-2448Send Email

Studio 502

509-499-7361Send Email

Leslie DePue

Nail Artist

Specialized in Acrylic, Manicures, and Pedicures

Madison Steiner

Hair Stylist

Studio 101

509-220-1663Send Email

Cameo Hair & Beauty

Julie Berghammer - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, MUA

Studio 105

509-993-6733Send Email

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Roxanne Seek

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 107

509-939-4419Send Email

Rochelle O'Reilly

Nail Artist, Acrylic or Gel Overlays and Extentions, Gel Manicures and Pedicures

Studio 110

509-999-0957Send Email

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Jodi Hahn

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 113

509-290-4647Send Email

Amethyst Hair Design

Amethyst Liacos - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

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Alisha Wheeler

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Reanna Caswell

Hair and Nails

Studio 305

509-979-1298Send Email

Quintesserre Therapeutic Massage

Shawn Shepherd - Massage Therapist

Studio 402

Profile509-270-2673Send Email

Skylar Plunkett


Macaela Bergland

License Esthetician

Studio 407

Website | 509-481-8436 | Book Appointment


Suite Available

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Jasmine Cereghino

Cosmetologist, Hair Stylist

Studio 102

509-263-7084Send Email

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Amy's Canvas

Amy Peterson - Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

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Hey Gorgeous Salon

Kirstin Franklin - Hair Stylist

Studio 108

509-218-7855Send Email

Kristine Tew

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 111

509-220-0006Send Email

Sheena Morris

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist 

Meghan Fedor

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 203

509-714-6342Send Email

Sarah MacKay

Lash Artist, Esthetician

Studio 303

509-413-8876Send Email

Melissa Heen

Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist

Studio 306

509-954-8421Send Email

Exotic - I - Brows

Roni Mohabir Morrissey - Esthetician

Studio 403

Profile 518-360-3122Send Email

Leigh Williams

Massage Therapist

Studio 405

509-768-3688Send Email

The Lash and Brow Bar Spokane

Cathresa Parker - Hair, Manicurist, Esthetician

Studio 500

509-808-3764Send Email

Suite Available

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